To be or not to be: a unicorn of real estate

Why today's best agents might need split personalities

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I am a real estate agent, just like you. And I'm not the kind who got a real estate license so that I could save money on listing my home, but the real kind — someone who eats, sleeps and breathes real estate sales. I manage a team operating out of three different states where we sold 400 homes last year. But before I get to the problem with people like us, take a journey with me through the good old days of real estate sales. Back in the '50s, real estate was simple. There was only one agent. Simple, local financing was available. And there was no technology to get in the way. A buyer would visit a single broker and look through a printed list of homes, potentially walking through one or two of interest. If nothing was appealing, the buyer would move on to the next broker. Once the buyer found a house to buy, an agent (also representing the seller) would broker a deal. Fast-forward 65 years and we're dealing with a completely different animal. Consumers are becomin...