Why I fired my coach

Listening and engaging is more important than flowery speech

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I recently had an experience with a life coach that didn't provide the value I expected. I enjoyed a few pointers about mindset changes and understanding how much is possible ... and then it began to degrade. He assumed things about how I work that weren't true. They were fine points to make to the right person, I suppose, but they didn't really apply to me. I soon realized my life coach was "cold reading" me. He had a list of things to say that are meant to appeal to almost anyone, and I recognized 30 minutes into the conversation that he wasn't listening to me. He was simply waiting for my pauses so he could begin "public speaking" to me again. Leaving a voice message on his phone confirmed everything: His away response held a motivational pitch that was supposed to solve all my problems — he sounded like a person on a stage, not a human being behind a desk. He never called back to foster the relationship. I even said, "Put me on an email list until I’m ready to continue...