6 overused real estate phrases it’s time to retire

Alternatives can help your property descriptions shine

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As an agent, you have HUGE potential. With a little tender loving care, you'll be turnkey. You're a motivated seller and an exquisite, gourmet, breathtaking, premier real estate maven one would have to see to believe!!! Do you see the problem? When consumers are presented with hollow language like this, they don't really understand what you do and why you're the best at it. This lesson also applies to property descriptions. All too often they're laden with jargon that's heavy on rhetorical real estate fluff but anemic when it comes to actual substance. The result? Descriptions with the potential to engage emotions and increase perceived value either fall flat or are entirely overlooked. The good news is that even if you're not a natural wordsmith, there are ways to ensure your listing description draws crowds, not crickets. First order of business? Get rid of these six trite phrases forever: 1. "This home has it all!" Exaggerated statements like this do nothing for the ...