Rising tide but no tidal wave of new .realtor agent websites

At current rate, it would take NAR 18 years to give away 500,000 domains

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It's looking like there won't be a tidal wave of new real estate agent websites incorporating the ".realtor" domain extension after all. The National Association of Realtors has offered to give 500,000 .realtor domain names away to members, and had registered more than 75,000 names by the time they officially became available on Oct. 23. But .realtor domain name registrations appear to have plateaued at around 95,000, with new registrations averaging less than 60 a day so far this year, according to At that rate, it would take 18 years for .realtor registrations to hit the 500,000 mark. Registrations of .realtor domain extensions have plateaued this year. Source: NAR spokeswoman Sara Wiskerchen said the trade group is "pleased with the number of .realtor registrations, which are going well and higher than expected." Racking up nearly 100,000 registrations in just six months is an impressive rate of adoption -- very few top-level domains ha...