Hacker Andy Carra on building new things and bringing understanding to consumers

Transparency, technology and how to change the world from a chief technology officer

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Andy Carra is chief technology officer at Sindeo. Time at current company: 6 months Describe what you do in one sentence: I create technology to help prospective borrowers find, understand and get the best mortgage possible. Age: 39 Degree, school: Master of Science, University of Michigan; Bachelor of Arts, Kalamazoo College Location: San Francisco Social media: LinkedIn  I lead the technology group at Sindeo. My responsibilities include the creation of the Sindeo experiences for borrowers, real estate agents and our internal mortgage experts. We're using technology to: Reduce inefficiencies and streamline the mortgage process. Help prospective homeowners make informed decisions with access to information, guidance and choice. Empower our mortgage advisers to provide better service through our advisory platform. My typical day involves design, implementation, recruiting, team building, infrastructure building, and whatever random technical ...