Melinda Goodwin: ‘I like to have quality photos at my fingertips’

Agent talks about snapping shots of properties and how technology is changing her world

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Inman is interviewing real estate professionals in every area of the field to talk about technology use. Here’s Melinda Goodwin, an author, coach and thought leader for Internet marketing and online conversion funnels -- and an Inman contributor. Is your phone an iPhone, Android, Windows phone? What model? Why? I use a Samsung Note 4. I have just recently traded my Droid Razor Maxx in for the Samsung. The reason I traded was because when I look at listings on the MLS, I need a bigger screen. I also like the better camera. I am on the go all the time, and I like to have quality photos at my fingertips. What are your top three apps on your phone? The top three apps I use currently use are Karl's Mortgage Calculator, Jefit (for my morning workouts), and I really cannot forget all forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram). How do you split your digital time: how much mobile, how much desktop? I got a great tablet for Christ...