Zillow unveils 2nd national TV spot of 2015

Spot will air on cable and network channels including ABC, CBS, HGTV and CNN

Zillow has unveiled its second national TV spot of 2015 as it looks to solidify its place as the nation’s most popular portal and keep a rejuvenated realtor.com in second place.

The ad, which features a couple hunting for a home while making a trip to pick up an adopted son, is the first in a series of TV spots the portal plans to release this summer.

A 30-second version of the spot will air on broadcast and cable networks including ABC, CBS, HGTV and CNN.

Zillow’s latest national TV ad, “Homecoming.”

Zillow Group has earmarked $100 million this year to advertise its four consumer brands — Zillow, Trulia, HotPads and StreetEasy. So far, Zillow’s the only one to get a national TV spot.

Zillow currently has a sizable Web traffic lead over its nearest competitor, realtor.com, and consumer marketing campaigns for both brands will likely play a big role in how their popularity contest unfolds.

Realtor.com introduced a brand-new TV ad in May along with a new look.

Realtor.com’s ad uses the quirky charm of famous actress, producer and director Elizabeth Banks to get the word out about realtor.com.

Like its first TV ad of 2015, “Lakehouse,” Zillow’s new ad focuses on showcasing how consumers use the platform, with a focus on mobile, to find a home.

“Finding and creating a home is more than just buying a house — it’s an emotional process that involves everyone in a family,” said Amy Bohutinsky, chief marketing officer of Zillow, in a statement.

“With these new ads, we are providing real-life examples of the many different ways people turn a house into a home, and the way Zillow empowers this process.”

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