Furnished Quarters launches management tool for corporate housing industry

MyFQ streamlines scheduling and offers reporting capabilities

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The largest provider of corporate housing in New York City and Boston, Furnished Quarters, announced Tuesday that it would be releasing its first property management tool, MyFQ. The company launched the program at the Forum for Expatriate Management NY Roadshow; it's the first of its kind in the corporate housing industry. Available for both guests and housing program administrators, the MyFQ mobile-friendly website enables reporting capabilities and is intended to make scheduling simple. The property management tool for the corporate housing industry is helping to streamline the process of managing and maintaining corporate housing. In the works for nearly two years, the tool fills the void that many housing program managers have been seeking. Tools to make booking more streamlined have been introduced to the corporate housing industry, but Furnished Quarters is the first to offer a comprehensive solution for various facets of the market. Furnished Quarters reported that t...