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Here’s an irresponsible thought: The rate highs of 2015 may have passed

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Are you set up for success in 2016? Join 2,500 real estate industry leaders Aug. 4-7, 2015, at Inman Connect in San Francisco. Get Connected with the people and ideas that will inspire you and take your business to new heights. Register today and save $100 with code Readers. Takeaways: The only aspect of the U.S. economy anywhere near capacity is the theoretical rate of unemployment. Almost a year ago, the Fed began its “liftoff” warnings. Even though our economy is still underperforming, the outside world took the warning seriously. Currencies are the means of transmission. If we propose to raise our interest rates while others are cutting theirs, dollar goes up, others down. We have a large and widening divide between U.S. economic data and the rest of the world, and to spice things up, we have no experience with a situation like this -- “we” being the Fed, other central banks, all governments and certainly analysts. Experienced or not, markets are mo...