Lou's Stories
Should the Fed preempt an overheating job market?
July payrolls released this morning grew by 209,000, enough to stop cold a decline in mortgage and other long-term rates
Aug 4
GDP, inflation and politics: This week in markets
The economic news is excellent -- the other news is not
Jul 28
Mortgage rates are trying to drop below 4% again
The primary rate-mover has been repositioning by the Fed and the European Central Bank -- but that “other stuff” (politics) is in play, too
Jul 24
Fannie Mae to raise debt-to-income limit
The most important specific easing will be an expansion of the maximum debt-to-income ratio (DTI) from 45 percent to 50 percent
Jul 20
Despite the economic upswing, are Americans dissatisfied?
The global economy is doing things for which we have no frame of reference
Jul 17
June data consensus: Good news everywhere?
Long-term rates have snapped up from the post-election low only two weeks ago
Jul 7
What's preventing the acceleration of housing sales?
The economy is somewhere between OK and just fine
Jul 4
How long will we be in this financial market standstill?
The period of exceptionally low volatility goes all the way back to March
Jun 26