Lou's Stories

In a globalized world, the Fed tightens for all
May 19
An old friend used to say that the Fed’s job was to carry an immensely valuable crystal orb balanced on a flat silver tray without edges, while refereeing a hockey game
May 4
The Fed has already made cash the most expensive in ten years, but no sector reports that loans are harder to get
Apr 20
Not a lot of sellers will play, and worse: housing markets can plod along in predictable fashion for years and then... stop.
Apr 19
Explaining the stock tumble after real estate giant's big iBuyer announcement
Apr 17
The dominant shows in progress involve the stock market, the tariff announcement and the possibility of trade war, and a tough week for technology
Mar 23
The Fed's inflation forecasts (implicitly wages also) have failed ever since the recovery began in 2010
Mar 9
10-year Treasury note has nearly doubled in 18 months. If it breaks 3%, expect mortgages to hit 5%.
Feb 16