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The coming data war: Who will win control of real estate listings?

Fight may be about who makes money from the data

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Enjoy the Connect experience from your computer, laptop or tablet! Watch Connect now. Takeaways: Whoever creates something owns its copyright. Only photos, listing descriptions and maybe the listing price are copyrightable. Fight over listing data may be a fight over its monetization and who gets to sell a house. There are pros and cons to open sourcing listing data. SAN FRANCISCO -- Prominent industry players had a few things to say about who owns real estate listings at Inman Connect today. Here's a sampling: About to live-tweet "The Coming Data War: Who Will Win Control of Real Estate Listings?" #ICSF — Andrea V. Brambila (@InmanAndrea) August 5, 2015 The session will include Chris Heller, CEO of @kwri; Jonathan Bednarsh, prez of @Onboard_Info ; and @MitchellSkinner of Larson Skinner. — Andrea V. Brambila (@InmanAndrea) August 5, 2015 @1000wattbrian (moderator): Who legally owns the data? @MitchellSkinner It depends. If you create something yo...