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Ad-blocking software use has increased dramatically

Still, users of such software in US lag behind countries like Greece

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  • Ad-blocking software is becoming increasingly popular.
  • It’s estimated to cost publishers about $22 billion in 2015.
  • Greek Internet visitors use ad-blocking software most, and China visitors the least. U.S. users are somewhere¬†in the middle.¬†

Online advertising has only become more ubiquitous as the years go by — to the point that many users find it obnoxious. So it’s not remotely surprising that the use of ad-blocking software is on the rise (about 198 million people on the planet use it, a 41 percent increase from last year).

That’s much to the chagrin of publishers, who lose money when consumers block ads. (It’s estimated to cost publishers about $22 billion in 2015.)

Still, it hasn’t quite caught fire in the U.S., which is somewhere in between Greece (highest users) and China (lowest users) of such software.

Infographic: U.S. Internet Users Lag Behind In Ad Blocking | Statista

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