Podcast: The only 7 things that make you money in real estate

Your actions determine your outcome, so focus on the right ones

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  • In real estate, your actions determine your outcome.
  • There are only seven things that will make you money in real estate.
  • There are also plenty of ways you can fill your time that aren’t necessarily lucrative.

Fact: Every day, you’re either self-employed or self-unemployed. Your actions determine your outcome. Your actions must be dollar-productive for you to succeed. What are the things that make you money in real estate? What are the actions that keep you in a place of providing value?

Today, we’re discussing the only seven things that make you money in real estate — and why you need to focus on these to stay on the path to financial well-being and success. We’re also going to discuss some of the hundreds of things that agents fill their time with that do not contribute to their success.

Tweaking your website? Constantly updating your Facebook status? Wasting time, money and hope on paid buyer leads? These things may fill your time, but they don’t fill your wallet. Listen to today’s show and learn what does!


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