Podcast: Why most agents fear closing

Closing shouldn't be a contest of wits or a struggle for dominance


  • The close terrifies most agents.
  • There are proven closing methods that take the stress out of this experience.
  • A big part of closing is delivery.

It’s that big, suspenseful moment — the “close,” where you have to use your skill and finesse to get your prospect to say yes.

It’s no surprise that this terrifies most agents, so today we’re going to be discussing how to overcome your fear of closing, along with some of the proven closing methods that take the stress out of it.

A big part of closing is delivery, and after years of coaching agents, we’ve developed some bulletproof strategies for effectively delivering your close even if you’re struggling with self-confidence issues.

Closing shouldn’t be a contest of wits, a struggle for dominance or a big dramatic confrontation like you might see in the movies. On the contrary — closing is part of your partnership with homebuyers and sellers that’s most successful when you focus on delivering the highest quality of service possible.


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