Datafiniti filters and cleans data for property managers and rental owners

Tool scans up to 12 million URLs to update current data, add new data

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Takeaways: Datafiniti scans 10 million to 12 million URLs to collect property data information. The company provides its clients regularly updated property information and data like size, location, beds and bathrooms, and neighborhood trends. Datafiniti collects its data from public sources and uses high ethical standards to gather it appropriately. Datafiniti was built out of 80legs, a Web crawling service, in 2012 after finding that there was a strong need for custom data sets to help companies grow their business. Today, the company provides data sets to companies like MailChimp, HubSpot, Nickelodeon and Lightstone Property. On Aug. 18, Datafiniti announced its expansion to the real estate and short-term rental space using its proprietary technology to collect and clean public data from sites like Zillow and Airbnb. According to C.K. Kumar, vice president of marketing at Datafiniti, the company "takes the entire Web, distills all the information and puts it into a s...