Podcast: Your perfectionism is making you broke

Quality is important, but not at the cost of accomplishing the work

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  • Striving for quality is admirable, but often not attainable in real estate.
  • Real estate is a sales profession, so goal completion is ultimately what leads to income.
  • It’s important to know when perfection is necessary and when it’s simply too much.

Quality is wonderful — it’s something we all strive for in our real estate practices. When you spend an inordinate time pursuing perfection, however, you end up undermining the dollar-productive activites that make you successful in real estate to begin with.

In truth, as a sales professional, you live in an ever-changing world where the sand is constantly shifting under your feet. Perfection is admirable, but not attainable — so don’t let yourself get behind on getting things done.

In today’s show, we’re discussing perfectionism and how it impacts the achievement of dollar-productive goals that lead directly to income in your real estate career.

Quality is important in your work, but not at the cost of accomplishing the work in the first place.


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