Podcast: 5 easy steps to increase your average sale price

Raising volume is fine, but it's your average listing price that offers biggest opportunity

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  • You can increase your average sale price with only five simple steps.
  • Higher sale prices mean happier sellers and better referrals.
  • Increasing your average sale price means more commissions in your pocket.

Want to make more money in real estate? Most agents realize that selling more homes makes them more money — which is why our industry is so heavily focused on sales volume.

More leads, more listings, more sales — and if you don’t have enough leads, reach out to Zillow or, and for a price, they can send some your way.

Your commission isn’t based on volume, though — it’s based on price, and raising your average sale price can greatly influence the amount of money you make in real estate. Not to mention the fact that higher sale prices are going to make your sellers happy — which will lead you to more referral business down the road.

Today, we’re discussing how to raise your average sale price in only five easy steps! You have to know your market, know your competition and know how to target the right kind of homes. Once you implement the steps we’re discussing today, you’ll make more money, have happier sellers and build a more profitable real estate business.


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