Bret Calltharp: ‘Social media should be you; you can’t delegate your psyche’

Twitter power user and Facebook expert shares his strategy tips and best stories

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Inman is profiling social media all-stars. Here's Bret Calltharp, director of talent attraction at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. What's your craziest social media-related story? It’s actually from back in my band days in Florida. I was single at the time and had a profile on Women would figure out which band I was in then show up at our shows because they saw the concert dates posted on Facebook or Twitter. I’m up there playing and I’d think, “Wait, she looks familiar …” I always found that a bit stalkerish, though in their minds, they wanted an “A” for effort for their investigative skills! What actions do you take that have gotten the most results? The more I open up and just be myself, the better people seem to respond. It took some baby steps, but I now fully embrace things like my Star Wars geekiness (hence the Twitter handle), and I’ve found that the more of myself I share, the more people seem to read and respond to what I do....