Realtyperson, heal thyself: Use your website like a buyer

Joseph Rand shares lessons he learned from the other side of the real estate business -- the client side
  • Using your website or app compels you to use your own technology the way a client does.
  • I wanted to experience the real estate industry, and particularly my website, as a client, and I kept finding limitations on our site that annoyed me as a user -- stuff that I would never have discovered if just by clicking around and "testing" the site.
  • What we think buyers want might be different from what buyers actually want; you'll never know that until you use your site the way your clients have to.

Yes, I know that you probably bookmark your own site. You’ll hop on to look up an individual property, or you’ll check out a new feature to make sure it’s working. But how often do you use your site the way that an actual buyer would?