Shadd Boucher: ‘I love the “hey, you got a minute?” moments’

A branch manager on mentoring agents and keeping in touch with technology

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Inman is profiling office managers. Here's Shadd Boucher, branch manager at Re/Max Capital Realty. Have you ever sold real estate? If not, do you have any interest in selling real estate yourself? I sold real estate for 11 years along with managing my first office. I could not imagine managing an office without fully understanding the challenges and concerns an agent experiences on a daily basis. I believe it has made me a stronger mentor and coach to my agents and a valuable problem-solver. What’s your favorite part of your day? What’s your least favorite part? I love the “hey, you got a minute?” moments. Developing agents into producers is my thing; I have a passion to succeed through others and I truly love helping an agent succeed. You can see when the light bulb comes on, or you are able to help them self-discover an answer. Helping an agent build a business that can fund their life and dreams is truly what I live to do. It is my passion. At the end ...