How to help seniors downsize

The truth when it comes to client attachment issues, turning a profit and gaining referrals
  • To deal with attachment and hesitation issues on your client's behalf, I feel it is important that one remain in good communication with all involved.
  • Seek out the family member with the best relationship with your client, and make him or her a part of the process.
  • If the client can afford it, I will bring in a coordinator/estate sale expert to assign value to certain belongings, give unbiased feedback on what isn't worth keeping and to help clear out a family home before or after a sale depending on specific circumstances.

Working within a senior-focused real estate landscape can be both rewarding and profitable. It can also be stressful for seniors and their families. Clients can become emotional as they transition into the next stage of their life, even when the change is a money-saver and a move in a more positive direction.