Sam's Stories

Patience, charm and little self-praise will get you started
Aug 28
Agents who pay attention to detail, understand their markets and know the MLS are far more successful
Aug 17
Never let a lack of funding make your decision for you, know your value and what your time is worth
Aug 15
Speak to your experience, and give value to consumers
Mar 1
Advice for new agents on how to firmly handle tough situations
Feb 2
How to get more bang for your buck
Jan 19

Many real estate agents get into the business for the wrong reasons. People often seek out the success of seasoned agents and brokers and think that — in the blink of an eye — they, too, will be rolling in the dough. Well, it takes years to harvest success in the real estate industry and, like nationwide markets, the Bay Area has its share of ups and downs.

Jun 13

There comes a time when you have to re-evaluate your lifestyle. This can be for many reasons, but for most, the primary reason a downsize occurs is need-related. Americans tend to overpay for things and services. At a certain age, services and things stop becoming important, and lifestyle and health become pivot factors, especially in the San Francisco market.

Mar 31