LA group protests Ellis Act evictions

The LA Tenants Union is leading the charge against gentrification
  • Since 2001, the Ellis Act has allowed eviction of 19,000 units in L.A.
  • Be informed about local real estate, but ultimately err on the side of measured neutrality.
  • Ellis Act protests have been taking place all over the city.

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Los Angeles has always had a curious relationship with its own growth and change, and this is also true when it comes to housing. Rising rents and increasing developments have led to tensions as many people feel they are being squeezed out of some of the city’s changing areas. In Los Angeles, we don’t just stage protests; we make scenes. Last year, the rapidly gentrifying Highland Park neighborhood saw a protest parade complete with fake “eviction notices” posted on some local businesses. Concerns about gentrification and tenants’ rights have a growing nexus of activism in the LA Tenants Union, which formed over the summer but has snatched up headlines lately with its "days of rage" protests. Protesters were first seen at Villa Carlotta in Hollywood, where activists dressed up as ghosts of evicted tenants who have been squeezed out as the historic building plans a conversion into a hotel. The October 25 protest got physical. The LA Tenants Union has continued its ac...