Seth Godin: Specialize, don’t generalize

Direct marketing, the currency of today and more with a marketing guru
  • "I think that so many industries -- the record business, the travel business, the real estate business -- are bounded by geography and by the difficulty of getting ideas into the world. But we've changed all of those rules."
  • "I was wrong about a bunch of parts, but I was right about the most critical part: The currency of today is attention and trust."
  • "By being present where people are looking for me and keeping my promise to those people, I've incrementally built a platform that reaches millions of people, but it wouldn't support a public company because that requires treating other people differently."

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Seth Godin The marketing wizard talks about why he finds "the juxtaposition of the thing you can touch in real space and our ability to connect without moving molecules around" endlessly fascinating, the gurus who "let people off the hook" and his best advice for making an impression in the modern world. The humble and endlessly fascinating bestselling author, who also founded Yoyodyne and Squidoo, will be the keynote speaker at Inman Connect New York this year. Listen to him chat with publisher Brad Inman. ...