Bel Air megamansion breaks all the rules

Half a billion dollar spec home has more of everything
  • Nile Niami is building a 100,000 square foot megamansion on a hill in Bel Aire.
  • The property, at 944 Airole Way, does not yet have a buyer, and will be completed in 2017.
  • Niami thinks the home will sell for a record-shattering $500 million.

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For a mere $500 million, an opulent, 100,000-square-foot mansion in Bel Air will feature amenities that seemingly combine a home with a luxury hotel and every high-end entertainment venue rolled into one. The four-acre property, located at 944 Airole Way, also features 360-degree, sweeping views, yet offers incredible privacy. This ultimate pocket listing is the work of builder Nile Niami. Even though Niami has no eager buyer patiently waiting until the house is done in 2017, he has a clear picture of the type of buyer who would seek out this elaborate home. Wealthy. Foreign-born. Lover of warm, sunny weather. Niami is known for opulent domiciles. He loves privacy, yet sweeping views: this property will allow the owner to peer out at the ocean, as well as the San Gabriel Mountains. This home will truly look down at everything around it, including downtown LA, Beverly Hills and the San Francisco Valley. Niami loves water and glass inside, as well. This home will contain f...