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Some suburbs need no introduction. Case in point: Beverly Hills. Need we say it’s in Los Angeles county? Or even that it’s in California? 90210, anyone? The Beverly Hillbillies? The Beverly Hills Cop movie franchise? Pretty Woman? The city is famous for, well, being the playground of the rich and famous.

Apr 21

Houston, Texas, boasts a wide variety of suburban experiences. One of those ‘burbs with a feel all its own is Friendswood.

As the name would suggest, the feeling of being among friends is one of the city’s selling points. Land on the city’s website, and you’ll be treated to a carousel of rotating images of fun family events, outdoor activities and volunteer opportunities.

Mar 28

Bethesda, Maryland, is a convenient and hip alternative to living in Washington, D.C. for those who work in our nation’s capitol.

The area most definitely has an urban vibe, with 200 restaurants, two live theatres, 20 art galleries, and excellent shopping. Transportation is simpler than in D.C. proper, with ample parking and public transportation close by.

Mar 25

AppFolio Property Management, one of a suite of companies under the AppFolio name, is the proud owner of a massive amount of information about rental markets across the country. With clients in all 50 states, their experts can share insights on the goings-on in specific local markets.

The company’s Vice President for Product Management, Nat Kunes, had quite a bit to say about Baltimore, a surprise entry into the list of markets where it’s good to own rental property now.

Mar 22

Marketing luxury properties requires an agent to up their game. And, marketing properties to the tech elite in one of the most expensive markets in the country requires the latest and greatest tools.

Simple photography or videography is often no longer enough to show off a property with sensuous curves and long lines. A property with multiple buildings, multiple floors or unique features – more than a house and detached garage – needs a creative way to tie it all together.

Mar 22

Young buyers are finally testing the waters of homeownership.

A study recently conducted by online loan marketplace LendingTree showed that the millennial demographic is looking more toward a few big, established cities for that big rite of passage.

When examining the nation’s top 50 cities, the LendingTree analysis found that millennials in Boston, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. pursue home ownership more than their counterparts anywhere else.

Mar 21

For potential homebuyers who want a little history in the market, some websites are a little bit limiting. Buyer’s Edge, a D.C.-area brokerage company that exclusively serves buyers, recently added a sold real estate listing feature to its website just to address that issue.

Mar 17

If island living with luxe suburban flair is for you, then consider Palm Beach, Florida.

Part of what’s marketed as The Palm Beaches, Palm Beach sits across the Intracoastal Waterway from West Palm Beach. Palm Beach is located on a 16-mile long barrier island and is The Sunshine State’s easternmost town. The 105-year-old town of about 8,600 residents benefits from its proximity to many water-related and water-dependent activities.

Mar 17