HAR to eliminate ‘old school’ way of sharing listings

Association continues to upgrade its portal, motivated by consumers' expectations
  • One-click communication between consumer and realtor is expected.
  • Current site does not allow for the automated sending of listings.
  • Upgrades will eliminate the need to copy and paste listings links.

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The need for better consumer-realtor collaboration has motivated the Houston Association of Realtors to upgrade its Homes and Rentals portal. In roughly a month, the site will feature a new Apple TV application along with tools that allow a consumer to more easily communicate with their realtor. According to Taqi Rizvi, HAR chief technology officer, 80 percent of consumers that visit HAR's website are working with a real estate agent, but currently aren't asked about this when visiting the site. There is also no automated way to send listings to an agent via the website. The new tools will allow a consumer to link to their agent and send listings, schedule requests, feedback and interests with one click. Rizvi points out that most consumers tell realtors about listings by copy and pasting urls into an email. "To me that is so old school," he said, adding consumers should be able to click a button and say 'this is what I want to see' to their agent. The Apple app wil...