When above and beyond leads you astray

  • When we represent a seller, it has become a large part of our listing service to coordinate, execute and manage the mini-makeover of our seller's home prior to market.
  • Book appointments with seller at each stage to discuss any changes. Meet with service providers as well as for sellers to witness the progress.
  • Lastly, prior to taking a listing and discussing commission it's imperative to meet both sellers, regardless of what one might say.

Big plans for business in 2018?
Give yourself the tools to own the new year at Connect New York, Jan 22-26, 2018

It was 3 a.m. and suddenly I woke up with a start. I was dreaming, but the dream was so real that I had woken myself up. I have spent the past year and a half helping an acquaintance-turned-client sell his house. What had woken me was that the day had come when we were finally hearing offers. And after all of the pro-bono hours I had put into this mission, the seller was only allowing me 30 minutes to hear offers -- 30 minutes! I knew from experience that he wasn't going to make a decision in that time. Not that I minded the work, but I simply needed his full attention. I felt I more than deserved it, for both myself and in consideration of the six buyers taking the time to make an offer on his home. The letter The result of this inconsideration drove me to write a slightly longer version of the letter below. Dear John, I am not sure if you realize what I have done for you over the past year. What I have done is above and beyond and unique to anything I have ever pe...