Debbi's Stories

It was 3 a.m. and suddenly I woke up with a start. I was dreaming, but the dream was so real, I abruptly woke myself up and thought my dream was real. I have spent the past year and a half helping an acquaintance-turned-client sell his house, which started with him gaining access from his hoarder ex-wife.

Nov 25

First up at the Luxury Connect Conference in Beverly Hills, Brad Inman began with an interview with Los Angeles Realtor Gary Gold and his millionaire client about the events leading up to the sale of his mega estate. When Inman inquired to why Gold’s client was considering firing Gold, he simply said he didn’t know why but alluded to the fact that he was frustrated and just wanted his home sold.

Oct 28

Our topic was “Taking customer service to a higher level.” I found it fascinating to learn the similarities and differences between the three of us as we answered questions on the fly during our panel, as well as what other panelists had to share throughout the week at the conference. Here are a few common practices of top-producing agents in the country.

Aug 12

People are watching the quality of work an agent produces, and our signature marketing is one of the key elements and the value proposition we offer our clients. Here are my top five marketing strategies to attract buyers to properties.

May 20