How to create a Facebook page that drives leads to you

  • Focus on the 20 percent of effort that brings you 80 percent of your results.
  • Strategically understand the difference between profiles, pages and ads.
  • Don't chain yourself to Facebook -- leverage key pieces to manage your time.

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If you want to drive leads into your database from Facebook, you need to have a strategic plan -- and implement that plan consistently. First and foremost, your setup should allow you to generate and capture leads. Often the best way to do this is to have a Facebook page that produces leads combined with an email-specific database to drive them into. In this case, I recommend MailChimp. (No, your real estate-specific contact relationship management is not the best place for your email database.) Success is dependent on your foundation Construct your Facebook page to act as a lead machine. Most likely, your page category is currently set as a local business. Well, I've got news for you -- if you don't physically own the brokerage and your name isn't on the deed or lease agreement for the brokerage, you are not a local business. You are a service, and your page category needs to reflect that. It's also likely that your page name is either your name, your broke...