ad lampoons 'missing' listings on Zillow

Ad is latest shot across the bow for the two archrivals

Since Move Inc.’s acquisition by News Corp. last year,’s advertising has taken an aggressive — and humorous — turn.

The portal’s latest ad is no exception.

The ad is a “mockumentary” poking fun at listings “missing” from Zillow and thereby playing up features that Move says make stand out: comprehensiveness and accuracy. It features a house wrapped in black and drawing alarm from neighbors crying, “What’s happening to these houses?” and “Why can’t we see them?”

One notable feature of the ad is that it mentions Zillow at least six times, adding “There are more homes for sale than Zillow’s showing you.”

Meanwhile, no one in the ad mentions once, though the site is portrayed as coming to the rescue in the end.

Zillow and are, respectively, the No. 1 and 2 online real estate portals nationwide. This ad is just the latest shot across the bow for these two competitors for the minds and hearts of agents and consumers.

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