Donald Trump, you're wrong

Real estate agents are not bloodsuckers
  • The Realtors I know are hardworking, honest entrepreneurs who support their communities.
  • I challenge all of you to rise above the low-blows dealt by politicians by going out and giving blood today.

Donald Trump’s comment about real estate brokers being bloodsuckers has inspired me to give back to my community today. I do this regularly, as do my colleagues.

I challenge the more than 1.8 million Realtors out there to go out and donate blood today.

And as for the politicians — I will refrain from speaking poorly about you, and I’d appreciate if you’d do the same for us.

Leigh Brown is a full-time residential Realtor, speaker, coach and smartass. She works in the Charlotte NC market with RE/MAX Executive Realty and can be reached @leighbrown on all networks.

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