Leigh's Stories

Change is needed — but not on the backs of homeowners
Nov 17

Director of marketing with Re/Max North-San Antonio, Frankee Chapa, talks about the difference between real estate in Maine and Texas, the “real estate 15” (much like the freshmen 15), ways to combat it and the importance of putting your best out there — whether it’s your personal appearance or your MLS photos.

Oct 26

Ever have a client who’s just the worst? Sue “Pinky” Benson has been there. Listen to the podcast as she regales Leigh Brown with the story of a client who wouldn’t quit.

Oct 24

The last thing you’d expect while trying to get a deal going is to be greeted by a homeowner at the front door — in the buff.

Oct 5

Clients often hesitate to work with a real estate agent who looks young and inexperienced. Alex Milshteyn, who was 18 at the time, confused a client when he showed up for a listing appointment. When he explained who he was, she promptly showed him to the door and never looked back.

Sep 28

As the son of a Realtor, George Wonica started off in the real estate business at a young age, and 26 years later, he has a wide range of crazy real estate stories to tell.

Sep 26

In this episode, Leigh Brown’s guest, Tim Morgan, has a story that’s enough to scare off any new real estate agent away from the profession. Tune in as 21-year-old Morgan explains his “hairy” situation.

Sep 21

Listeners will instantly establish an instant connection with Stanley Babinski, who lost his only son to cancer. In this extremely emotional episode, Babinski talks about how he carry on the legacy of his son.

Sep 18