Change is needed — but not on the backs of homeowners
Nov 17
Every state has its own style, but always keep it classy
Oct 26
Stay professional regardless of the circumstance -- don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t do
Oct 5
When you are inexperienced, the only value you can show clients is your ability to work your butt off
Sep 28
Try to be a better person every single day
Sep 26
As a real estate agent, ensure your safety at viewings
Sep 21
Treasure every moment, and remember that it can be taken away
Sep 18
Be prepared to go above and beyond the call when it comes to your service
Sep 14
Real estate can open up a whole host of opportunities you’ve never thought of -- professional and personal
Sep 12
Due diligence is critical when allowing others into a home you’re selling
Sep 7
There is huge power in being open and transparent with your clients
Sep 6
There are tangible and intangible wages you earn doing real estate work, and they’re all fantastic
Aug 24
Preconceived notions will really kill you in this industry
Aug 23
It’s important to deep clean the house you’re putting up for sale -- especially before the final walkthrough
Aug 9
Even when you’re stuck between two highly hostile clients, it’s your obligation as a professional to keep the peace and remain dignified
Aug 4
As an agent, you must be proactive in all your relationships
Aug 2
Always make sure you're in the right unit or you might end up cleaning someone else’s house
Jul 27
Personal injury is no big deal as long as the client is happy, right?
Jul 25
A real estate agent's service never ends
Jul 21