Leigh's Stories
Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate: Always check the freezer
It’s important to deep clean the house you’re putting up for sale -- especially before the final walkthrough
Aug 9
'Mama said knock you out': When clients clash
Even when you’re stuck between two highly hostile clients, it’s your obligation as a professional to keep the peace and remain dignified
Aug 4
Needy buyers got you down?
As an agent, you must be proactive in all your relationships
Aug 2
No shirt, no pants, no open house?
Always make sure you're in the right unit or you might end up cleaning someone else’s house
Jul 27
Blood, sweat and maybe a few tears
Personal injury is no big deal as long as the client is happy, right?
Jul 25
What's that smell coming from under the house?
A real estate agent's service never ends
Jul 21
Chase the dog or show the house?
Do the right thing -- it will work out in the end
Jul 18
2 buyers, 1 home
The agent should be responsible for the contract and make sure that both parties understand what’s in it
Jul 14