New and expanded tax could help diminish LA traffic woes

  • Gov. Brown signed legislation clearing the way for a ballot proposal to raise the sales tax to pay for LA transportation improvements.
  • The tax extension and increase could raise $120 billion over 40 years.
  • According to polls, residents support the tax plan.

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As December wound down, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would allow Los Angeles County officials to put a sales tax increase on the ballot in 2016 to raise billions for a slate of transportation projects. It is projected that the sales tax hike, to 9.5 percent, could bring in $120 billion for a variety of road and transit projects that could change the commuting landscape in LA.  Eventually. If the Metropolitan Transportation Authority decides to proceed to the ballot, voters would probably be asked to raise the county's overall sales tax rate from the current 9 percent. But, they already have plans for the cash. Yusef El-Mansouri / The Metropolitan Transportation Authority would be the entity asking for the hike. They have successfully gone to the voters three times since 1980. The most recently approved levy, 2008’s Measure R, which has already funded new rail lines and a subway, would be extended. The extension would pus...