PeerRealty goes public with CFX Markets

The platform will give real estate crowdfunding investors the option of liquidity
  • In a landmark development for crowdfunding investments, PeerRealty has opened CFX Markets to the public.
  • The platform for centralized exchanges gives investors the essential option to liquidize, and furthers PeerRealty's mission to challenge real estate developers catering exclusively to the wealthy elite.
  • Access to CFX is currently by invitation only and limited to accredited investors.

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Seeking to create a secondary market for crowdfunding investors, real estate crowdfunding website PeerRealty has opened CFX Markets, an exchange for real estate crowdfunding, to the public. The opening is considered a landmark development in the advent of crowdfunding -- which has strong roots in real estate investment -- in that it gives investors the much-needed option of liquidity, one of the core benefits of traditional investment opportunities like the stock market. PeerRealty was founded with the mission of challenging the convention of real estate developers catering exclusively to the wealthy elite. “With the explosive growth of real estate crowdfunding over the past several years, the launch of a secondary market marks a new phase in the maturation of the industry,” said Jorge Newbery, CEO of American Homeowner Preservation, one of CFX’s crowdfunding platform partners. 2 types of crowdfunding: products versus financial returns The term "crowdfunding" has becom...