Fallston development first to face rural septic rules

Development faces a variety of hurdles
  • A proposed development in Fallston, MD, is on its way to approval from a collection of government entities.
  • The developers have already changed the name of the development at the request of emergency services.
  • Neighbors have a variety of concerns about safety and the environment, while some official worry about new septic system rules.

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What’s in a name? A lot, if you work in emergency services. At about the 1600 block of Laurel Brook Road near Gunpowder Falls State Park in Fallston, Md., sits a roughly 52-acre parcel owned by  TOR Laurel Grove LLC. The owners seek to develop the parcel into 25 homesites. Of course, new subdivisions take years to plan and build. There are government and private entities to appease. Laws to navigate. Utilities to plan. And, in this day and age of scarce developable parcels, neighbors to win over. And the devil is truly in the details, and can intervene when least expected. Above and below ground. One would think that the LLC that owns the parcel would give it a meaningful name, such as, well, naming it after itself? The LLC is formed for a singular purpose, right? Well, it could be a matter of a lack of market research, or just “one of those things,” but when department of emergency operations weighed in on the development, they asked for a name change. App...