Moving patterns reveal American migration trends

Studies show Americans are leaving the Snow Belt in droves and flocking to the South and Pacific Northwest
  • Studies conducted by two moving companies broke down the percentage of inbound and outbound moves for each state in 2015.
  • Americans are relocating to the Southern and Northwestern regions of the country, with Oregon ranked as the most popular state of choice last year.
  • Customers cited a new job, retirement and proximity to family as top reasons for hitting the Sun Belt, with outdoor opportunities and a booming creative sphere serving as big attractors in the Pacific Northwest.

As the economy has recovered and more Americans can afford be choosy about where they live, it appears that many are trading their snow shovels for sunglasses while others are ditching their high heels for hiking boots. According to two long-distance moving companies’ recent analyses of their customers’ migration patterns in the last year, 2015 trends show that people are packing their bags, leaving the Northeast and Midwest and relocating to two regions: the Sun Belt for warmth and new jobs, and the Pacific Northwest for its great outdoors and booming tech industry.