Podcast: Why you should become a full-time real estate agent in 2016

Are you ready to be 100-percent responsible for your own income?
  • If you're thinking about making the leap, now's the time.
  • But practical about your level of success in the industry before you quit your day job.

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Got your license? Done a few deals? Some people jump right into full-time real estate sales, but many more start out gradually in the industry, doing deals on the side until they feel comfortable “pulling the plug” on their day job and making real estate their full-time profession.

If you’re doing real estate part-time and you’re happy with it, then by all means keep doing it part-time.

However, the market is hot right now, and we’re going into the spring buying and selling season.

So if you’ve seen the potential for higher income from the part-time deals you’ve done and want more –now is the time to get started!

Today we’re discussing what it really takes to transition from a part-time to full-time career in real estate — what you can expect, what you shouldn’t expect and what you might be wary of before jumping into the deep end.


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