Podcast: Need more leads? Improve your prospecting

Before you resort to low-return opportunities, try these tactics
  • First tip: Internalize and personalize scripts so that you come off as genuine. Tune in for more ideas.

On our first Friday of the new year, it’s time to start wrapping up the celebration and get down to business for 2016.

You’ve made it past the holidays, hopefully you’ve settled back into your work routine and if you’re like most agents, you’re dealing with a shortage of leads right now.

It’s January! For most of the country, that means winter weather, and everyone else is still getting back into their work routines just like you are. Leads may not be falling out of the sky right now, but you also don’t have to resort to buyer leads to make ends meet.

In today’s episode, Tim and Julie Harris are going to discuss valuable techniques to improve your real estate prospecting skills, which will help you make it through the lean months to the spring buying season — and earn even more money once you get there.


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