DC commuters are among the nation's greenest

District of Columbia was ranked no. 1 by state

According to the League of American Bicyclists, DC ranks as the no. 2 U.S. city with the greenest commuters. Not including those who drive to work, DC has the highest number of commuters who take transit, followed by walking and biking.

Washington, D.C does outpace New York– the no. 1 ranked metro– in bike commuters and people who walk to work. Overall, 53.1 percent of DC’s commuters bike, walk or take transit.

Infographic: The US Cities With The Greenest Commuters | Statista

Unlike most other cities, the majority of DC’s commuters don’t drive to work.

When considered by state instead of metro, unsurprisingly District of Columbia ranks as the greenest. Just less than 60 percent of commuters get to work by public transportation, walking or biking.

Infographic: These U.S. States Have the Greenest Commuters | Statista