The one skill that makes you irreplaceable

Asking questions that matter is un-disruptable
  • Computers excel at answering yes-or-no questions, but they don't do so well at weighing the importance of those questions.
  • By helping clients cut through the noise and focus on a question that will help them make a decision, agents are providing an un-disruptable skill.

A purchase, even one as large as a home, can be boiled down to a series of yes-or-no questions that lead up to one big yes-or-no question: Is this house worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it? (Or, conversely, how much should the buyer pay for the property?) Computers read programs based on binary code — ones and zeros. They excel at yes/no thinking at a level far beyond what most humans can do, so theoretically, a computer program should have been able to replace the human components of a real estate transaction a long time ago. So why haven’t they?