Podcast: How to dominate your local luxury market

Rob Johnson with Halstead Property on how he transitioned into real estate from financial brokerage
  • Don't let fear stop you from venturing into new professional endeavors.

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If you want to increase your revenue, then you’ve got two choices: higher production volume, or higher per-unit commission. You need to work on increasing both of these, but many agents don’t — they tend to focus on selling more units rather than pursuing higher payouts.

Why? The answer is fear — the ingrained belief that you need special skills, personal connections, or an inside pass to the local country club to move up in the market and sell luxury homes.

We’re joined today by Rob Johnson, a real estate agent with Halstead Property in Greenwich Connecticut who transitioned into real estate after a highly successful career in the financial brokerage industry. He’s going to explain why luxury is the best market for aspiring agents, and how any agent can break into it.



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