Oakland tech industry spilling over from San Francisco

Tech boom seeps to suburbs of Bay Area
  • Many creative workers and small companies are looking to Oakland for office space.
  • Perks like free lunches and dry cleaning pick-ups are yesterday's news.
  • Flexibility in spaces and leases is important to a new class of office tenants.

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Unicorn hub San Francisco can barely contain all the techies that seek to set up shop there. So, a trip across the bay to Oakland is in the cards for many who want the San Francisco vibe-- but from a bit of a distance. Commercial real estate mongers, take note. These type of companies are disrupting the status quo in their industries, so they expect no less from their office-leasing arrangements. Tales of perks like free lunches and concierge services for workers’ personal errands are yesterday’s news, and old thinking. Sure, all that is expected - but what else you got? That’s a question that comes up frequently. In an industry that’s dominated by old-line companies with wood-paneled office in soaring glass building, a nod to the changing times is finally being given. Another perk that smaller, agile companies are looking for is ultra-short term leases. Meaning, leases that last in terms of days, not years. That gives developers significant new challenges...