Nexera Holding hits $100 million funding mark in first six months

California-based startup offers consumer-direct and wholesale mortgages and plans to develop a Realtor portal this year
  • Nexera Holding, a startup based in Emeryville, California, launched in mid-2015 with the intent to streamline the mortgage lending process using a Web portal and open communication.
  • The company announced last week that it has received a whopping $100 million in funding.
  • Next up for Nexera is developing a way to pull a consumer’s tax return and bank statements without the consumer having to sign a release and a portal to track buyers' applications.

Nexera Holding launched in mid-2015 with the mission of increasing efficiency, simplicity and transparency in the lending marketplace via a Web portal that gives customers the ability to view the status of their loan application and communicate with closing stakeholders throughout the lending process.