ParcelQuest provides property data for single-family homes in Orange County

Property data provider also adds transaction history information for homes in 58 California counties
  • ParcelQuest is primarily utilized by accessors.
  • ParcelQuest's data covers homes in all 58 California counties.
  • Availability of the Orange County data came after a new county accessor was elected.

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Accessors and real estate agents seeking property data for specific single-family homes in Orange County are now able to obtain this information via ParcelQuest. The Sacramento area-based property data provider recently announced its search products now include characteristics data for residential parcels in the OC. Single-family characteristics of a home include its bedroom and bathroom count, square footage, lot size, garage size and year of construction. Up until this point this data was costly to obtain from the county accessor's office. Thanks to a policy change implemented by a newly-elected assessor the price got lowered significantly. "Those characteristics were available they were just very cost prohibitive to the point where we couldn't invest in it," said Brett Zugnoni, director of marketing for ParcelQuest, adding a number of California County Assessors offices give the property data provider this information for free on a daily basis. Acquiring the characte...