Real estate tech startup accelerator Moderne Ventures announces new class

Accelerator class to help lift eight real estate-related businesses
  • Moderne Ventures Accelerator Class for 2016 was recently announced.
  • The class of eight business are all related to some aspect of the real estate industry.
  • Three of the businesses are headquartered in Chicago, as is Moderne Ventures.

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Chicago-based Moderne Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund with a focus on real estate tech startups, just announced the launch of its Accelerator Class today. The seven-month-long class includes three startups headquartered in Chicago and five other startups from across the country. The companies chosen for the class do not co-locate. Top candidates have seed stage or A-round financing already in place and existing customers nationwide. Moderne strategically invests in technology companies that are innovating within real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance and home services. That collection of expertise has a huge impact on the national economy: those multi-trillion dollar industries account for more than 20 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product.   In Moderne’s sights are companies have applicability in these verticals and the have the ability to expand to other markets. Moderne is not a traditional accelerator. It connects tech companies just starting out ...