Podcast: How to be a confident listing agent

Think preparation, presentation and mindset
  • Anyone can become a great listing agent by following a proven process.

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You’ve got to list to last, but for many agents, the thought of becoming a listing agent leads to a lot of anxiety.

You may feel like you have to “earn your way into the club” before you can list, and the very thought of all the work involved with learning the listing process is just downright scary.

Yes, being a listing agent is different than working with buyers — it requires a lot of mental labor rather than the physical work that you’re used to. It also requires more preparation, a polished presentation and lots of confidence. That being said, anyone can become a great listing agent by following a proven process to get there.

Today we’re discussing the preparation, presentation and mindset that’s required to give you the confidence you need to win every listing presentation.


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