Podcast: The real reasons you aren’t rich

To make profit, combine a mindset of service with a competitive skill set
  • Your product is profit -- which is the result of you helping your clients -- and this has to be your dominant thought process.
  • When you think about more business, does your mind immediately go to -- "Can I handle it?"

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What’s the definition of rich? It’s when your money is working for you and you are no longer working for your money. Simple, right?

I’d bet that when you look at how you actually live, it’s not in line with our definition above — so why is that? Maybe it’s the result of your beliefs about being rich.

How are you thinking about the word rich? Does it make you feel motivated? Is ‘rich’ an evil or bad term in your personal culture?

Today we’re going to discuss what being wealthy truly means and the real reasons you aren’t rich.

To get there, you have to work hard, but also work smart — and having a realistic view of being rich is crucial to set the goals to take you there as a real estate agent.

As we all know, the real estate industry is hyper-competitive. And because there are few better catalysts for innovation than competition, real estate is constantly blazing new ground. Real estate expansion teams -- teams that do business in multiple markets -- are one of the industry’s latest, and hottest, innovations ...

Also, check out as discussed on today’s show.


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