NYC-inspired startup Clikhome provides rental counseling

ClikHome aims to connect renters with tailor-made listings

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(From left) Nick Kljaic and Junjie Shi of ClikHome/Courtesy of Nick Kljaic Navigating competitive rental markets where renters have little say in their home specifications is all too common, especially in New York City. With prices skyrocketing across boroughs, landlords hold the cards, and renters are left with little choice but to settle for what they can get. ClikHome -- an online advisor for apartment renters -- hopes to put a little power back in the renters’ hands. After filling out a few basic fields (number of desired bedrooms, desired neighborhood and so on), searching lessees are directed to answer a series of 10 questions to help match them with the best apartments based on lifestyle and the budget constraints previously covered. It's currently live in New York City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the company has big plans to expand to new markets this year. Inman recently spoke with ClikHome co-founder and president Nick Kljaic regarding the website's s...