NAR tech team wins second place in Koding’s hackathon

A stunning data visualization tool tracking how residents interact with their neighborhoods made an impression
  • The National Association of Realtors' Center for Realtor Technology team members competed as part of ChicagoHacksBig and won second place for their data visualization.
  • The visualization was made by tracking 10,000 people across 16 cities as they went to 4,500 venues with sensor technology.
  • The team hopes their research can help Realtors better understand the health and growth of their neighborhoods.

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A team from the National Association of Realtors' Center for Realtor Technology beat out more than a 1,000 competitors with a dazzling data visualization project to take second place in Koding's global virtual hackathon. NAR's CRT staff members -- Chad Curry, Chris Cote, Dave Conroy and Joe Sullivan -- competed as part of the ChicagoHacksBig team, which includes members from Gimbal Inc. and DotStuff Media. The team wanted to get a deeper and more accurate look into how residents live and interact within cities, so they used an advanced sensing technology tool called "beacons" to anonymously track 10,000 people across 16 cities as they traveled to 4,500 music venues over the course of one night. Above and beyond the bar graph Chad Curry, NAR's managing director for the Center for Realtor Technology, said beacons are commonly used by other companies such as Apple to track the movements of customers as they come into stores. For example, if you walk into a...